House hold Chemicals

Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives at home, in school and in the office. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens, such as dust and mold, helping us to stay healthy. Cleaning products also enable us to care for our homes and possessions.

Chemicals used for cleaning and in cleaning products, such as laundry detergents, bleaches, dishwashing products and other household cleaners, help improve cleaning efficiency, making homes, offices and other environments both easier to clean and more hygienic.

Common cleaning agents

  • Water, the most common cleaning agent, which is a very powerful polar solvent.
  • Soap or detergent.
  • Ammonia solution.
  • Calcium hypochlorite (powdered bleach)
  • Citric acid.
  • Sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach)
  • Sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Acetic acid (vinegar)
  • Hydro Chloric Acid
  • Hand Wash
  • Disinfectant
  • Floor Cleaner

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