Printing Paper – Which is the Best for You

The world we are living in is a Digital world. Things and techniques are being invented now and then. People are linking with each other through phones and internet instead of meeting in person.

People are interacting and socializing through E-mails instead of letters, which make us people think that the value of paper has down. But oh wait? All the school and office workers are still highly based on the use of paper every other minute.

All the office work is carried out through printer papers. Students also need these for their assignment submission.

The main and important question that everyone asks is what printer paper should be used for specific demands. There are many papers in the market available for printing purposes which make it difficult for a person to choose the best from it. 

For every other use, different printerpaper is available.  It’s difficult to choose the perfect page for your image to get printed. It’s a real task to examine and determine a paper before use.

The basic motive of this article is to guide you about a few paper types and their characteristics which maybe then will help you in choosing the right perfect printer paper for your work,



I can’t tell you how important the quality of the paper is. The excellent printed image highly depends on how the quality of printer paper is. The quality of paper means what materials are used, what is the manufacturing process, the age of paper and how many times it has been recycled.


The type of color ink makes a lot of difference in how the image is printed. The printing techniques have developed a lot in recent years because of the printing colors that are increasing in number in the market.

These colors and inks if used with correct printer paper gives the best printing results.

The article has described the different printer paper types in the following lines.

You can check different printing papers on your own by printing the same picture on different papers and check how it appears on each one of them and choose the best one you like. In this manner, you will get a brief introduction to all the papers.


Papers come in many types. The two mains are coated and uncoated. But there is one more division that is Photo paper and matte paper.

Photo paper includes glossy, satin and gives off color by back photo ink, whereas the matte paper includes alpha-cellulose papers and gives off color by black matte ink.

There are many papers which are processed through different ingredients that make them different in coating and texture. Choosing a perfect ink which gives you perfect result on your paper in critical but not impossible.

The two inks that are mentioned above are designed in this way that they give the best result on their respective printer papers. They both are formed with a different formulation which somehow gives the different result and thus is the differentiating factor between two inks.