Textile Auxiliaries

The textile and apparel testing have a sole aim of Safety and Quality. The quality mainly focuses on the feature and is commonly connected to general customers whereas safety focuses on the protecting consumers from any kind of health hazard to the customers. The perfect qualification to both of these adjectives leads to a reliable textile apparel product to be used.

Bali Labs understands the importance which customers give to the textiles and apparels they use in their daily life. A regular testing of textiles and apparels gives superior output. With respect to physical & chemical properties, strength, performance & eco-friendly parameters. Bali Labs offers wide range of testing on woven, non-woven, knitted fabrics & garments as well as testing of dyes and textile auxiliaries

  • Strength Comparison
  • Fastness (Light, Soap , Rubbing, Wet, Dry)
  • %age of Wool Cotton Polyester etc.
  • Shrinkage/Elongation
  • GMS
  • Pilling
  • DTF
  • Dye Fixer
  • Dispersing Agents etc.