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Things You Need to Know about the Pakistani Home Apparel Market

Pakistan’s population was formed by a diverse combination of nations that include Native Indians, Frenchmen, Englishmen and other ethnic origins including Asians and Africans therefore establishing the clothing fashion and trend of the country on the basis of its early community that includes the dress of native Indians and the attire of the citizens of the colonial period.

Present Day Pakistan and its People’s Wardrobe

The present-day apparel in the country represents the ongoing fashion in the current world that is ever-changing for Pakistan according to its climate conditions. That is why traditional Pakistani pieces of clothing includes parkas, tuques, Ojibwa shirts, mittens, ear muffs and so on. Pakistani Home Apparel can be seen as a diversified market due to the changes in weather throughout the year and hence changes in clothing respectively. The market consists of popular Pakistani clothing brands and online wholesale and distributes that largely dominate today’s market of the country. 

STATISTICS: Home textiles market in Pakistan

According to statistics, the average household in Pakistan has an annual expenditure on clothing of 3,430 CAD. Pakistan’s domestic apparel market is expected to reach a worth of 30 billion dollars by 2020 while the bath and toilet segment alone is estimated to reach 445.9 million, which may only be 1.48% of the whole apparel market but also a rapidly growing one, as the trends indicate a 6.66% growth in the past 5 years. Just take a look at these numbers! Such potential in a market only calls out for investment and business opportunities, keeping in mind the market is ever growing, as we can see that observing the growth trend.

MARKET SEGMENTATION for Home textiles in Pakistan

Well, it seems like there’s already been a pack of businessmen swarming the market and creating opportunities and supplies for the country. This means a lot of home textiles are available to purchase and a lot of variety you can explore. Towels and bathrobes are among the growing items that are easily available and even delivered to your doorstep these days with just a click away. Trusted brands and stores are always reliable, as they live up to customer satisfactions.


Among a range of such brands that offer home textiles including towels and bathrobes and even stocks of readily available material available nationwide for convenience of clients for whom costs and availability matters, NEXUS CHEMICAL SYSTEMS will guide you in the correct direction to choose your pick.

Towel Suppliers in Pakistan

Choosing a product such as a towel is an attributing decision to oneself. That is why picking a towel according to your personality is essential. Finding the right fabric, color and feel that goes along with your body and skin that feels just right for you, guarantees that you are content with your bathroom necessities. To choose such a precious product you need to explore the Pakistani market that means either your physical presence being included in a store or selecting from online stores with the ease of sitting at your home.
There are numerous online towel supplier in Pakistan, and we are proud to place NEXUS CHEMICAL SYSTEMS as a leading supplier of towels and towels in bulk for this purpose. NEXUS CHEMICAL SYSTEMS has superior quality towels and a range of colors for you to choose from including soft, absorbent fluffy bath towels that are always available in stock and ready to be delivered to you at the soonest.

Bathrobe Suppliers in Pakistan

For people who need a regular escape from the stress this world offers them nonstop, there’s nothing more tempting than a pleasant, stock-still comfortable bathrobe that gives you the warmth and hospitality when you’re down, gloomy and lacking the emotion that you need to color your life in. Relaxation is the most important necessity to sit back and stretch your legs after a long hard day. So is the same for comfort, especially in the selection of fabric for bathrobes. The fabrics range from highly absorbent natural cotton to luxurious, lush microfiber.
To select and explore the market, even from your home, there are numerous online suppliers and manufacturers of bathrobes in Pakistan that are easily available throughout the country, with NEXUS CHEMICAL SYSTEMS being a leading supplier of bathrobes and bathrobes in bulk. NEXUS CHEMICAL SYSTEMS has superior quality luxurious bathrobes that are soft to the touch, all master crafted from quality fabrics, provided with a range of colors for you to choose from that are always available in stock and ready to be delivered to you at the soonest.