Mechanics or people working in the automotive industry are routinely exposed to a number of hazards at their workplace. These workers are involved in dealing with sharp metal parts and chemical substances that result in cuts, nerve damage, and even paralysis. Therefore, ensuring hand protection and safety by wearing disposable gloves becomes imperial in the automotive industry. However, not all gloves are suitable for this particular industry.

Choosing The Right Gloves For The Automotive Industry

Before buying automotive gloves, you must make sure that they have all the below features and are suitable to your job.


Dealing with automotive technology such as removing or adding parts needs high left precision which is not possible without comfort and dexterity in mechanic gloves. Dexterity is the ability to perform tasks easily and skillfully by using hands. A higher level of dexterity doesn’t just offer precision but increases the performance and productivity of workers while ensuring hand safety at the same time. 

Auto Mechanic Working on a Car

Cut resistant:

Auto mechanic professionals are frequently engaged in dealing with sharp metals and objects that can cause injury to hands. Cut resistant gloves are designed to protect their hands from cuts and punctures while working with blades and glass products. They work best for assembly line workers who are occupied in handling parts and tools.

Mechanic working on assembly line

Oil and Chemical resistance:

Workers in the automotive industry require gloves that would protect their hands against chemical and hazardous substances such as car fluids, brake oil, paints and other elements that are absorbed by the skin and cause damage. The oil-resistant auto mechanic gloves offer improved grip and comfort.

Holding Auto Parts with Wearing Oil-Resistant Auto Mechanic Gloves


The level of comfort is directly proportional to the level of productivity. No matter how many features a glove may have, if it’s not comfortable to wear and flexible to perform the task it will affect the level of performance and cause frustration. Gloves that are comfortable to wear and offer flexibility to perform tasks are a perfect choice for any job.

Mechanic Holding Tool with Wearing Gloves

Abrasion Resistant

When manufacturing power train components or working in stamping plants of the auto industry,  gloves with abrasion resistant features are important to stand abrasive conditions and protect the hands.

Mechanic working with wearing abrasion resistant gloves

The degree of importance of every feature differentiates depending on the job task one is performing in the automotive industry. For example, if one is involved in painting then the chemical resistance becomes much more important than the cut resistance.

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